私たちは、デニムとレザーをメインに熊本を拠点に作っています。 デニムは国内の工場で縫製、洗いまでを行い、加工や装飾はデザイナー自身が全てハンドワークで行います。レザープロダクトは、業界では珍しい女性職人が一人で、全ての工程を手作業で仕上げています。また、ブランド製品生産の他に、デニム、レザー、衣類のOEM業務も行っています。 we are making denim and leather From Kumamoto, JAPAN. We are making denim products, clothes, leather products. Denim sews and washes at domestic factories, and designers themselves do handwork and decor with handwork all by themselves. Leather is a rare female artisan in the industry alone, finishing all the steps manually. In addition to producing brand products, we also do OEM work on denim, leather and clothing.