Art Human Festa's guard land


We will promote Kyushu and Kumamoto's art & culture
information and support artist activities.

As the form of communication changes with the new technologies born one after another, the living environment surrounding us changes drastically due to population fluctuation and the economic slow growth, so that everyday living emphasizes essential wealth It is increasing, living conscious of 'connection' and 'bonds' and consumption behavior are increasing. We hope to be a medium that touches on this change in values ​​and can provide essential value to contribute to regional activity, social improvement and a sustainable society.



We are Sending out Kyushu-Kumamoto's Art & Culture Information and Supporting
Artist Activities.

Art Human Project is dedicated to send out information by web media based on the theme "~~~," and to support artist activities. We mainly provide information on arts & culture in Kyushu-Kumamoto area, including information on artists. We also support startup for artists and plan group exhibitions. Through this initiative, we hope to create opportunities to reconsider the "environment" and "way of life and consumption" that each person challenges in their lives, and to create a better cycle for the society.



Each creativity will change people and society.

"ART HUMAN PROJECT" was started by Yuuki Fujii, who worked on Web production, to introduce artists in 2014. He was very impressed by the attitudes of creating work by artists and inspired to make a website for more people to get to know about their thoughts. Fujii thought, at that time, that " One who thinks of others, moves his/her hands, and creates something that touches people’s hearts" are “Art Human” because that person him/herself is like the art itself, so he named the project “Art Human Project.” Thereafter, people who got fascinated by the project gathered, and organized "Art Human Festa" which creates direct interaction with artists.

Distribution of special information through interviews and writing, he has continued to support artists with various scenes, for example artist's Web production and film shooting. Although this project started as an extension of hobby for Fujii, after three years, he started to feel wanting to spend more time on this project rather than the main business he had at the time. Then after a long discussion, we reached the establishment of "DESSIN Co., Ltd." which conducts Art Human Project as a business.

Art Human Festa logo

Visual Identity

Human body and ART Esquisse(sketch)

"Art," in a broad sense, means to act and express feelings in order to improve human life and the present environment by giving imagination and creation of new values in society, economy, and individuals in every unit, psychological / sensory. And we define an “Art Human” as a person who takes in part of that act (art).

Art Human Supporters

Our Partner

Supporters It is managed with the support of companies, organizations and individuals.

This project is made up of the support of many "Art Human Supporters" of companies, organizations and individuals who approved the purpose of the activity. The funds that we have supported are used as funds for activities to send artists to domestic and overseas such as artists' coverage and writing, PR image production etc. Together, let 's make Kyushu - Kumamoto's art & culture scene fun and attractive.


Support Business for the Artist activities

Planning · Business plan · Fundraising support

We support planning and commercialization of artists and creators with various follow-ups including events, exhibitions, publicity, financing such as on cloud funding.

Creative Support

We support the production of various publicity tools, such as business cards and flyer, pamphlet, websites, photography, video, etc. for the registered artists.

Publicity Activity Support

For registered artist members, we will publish an introduction page of artists in the "Art Human Project" web magazine site, introducing the events carried out by the artists, special feature articles etc. We will support creating web sites, photography, video production and so on.

Formation of Creativity Platform

We will introduce and investigate properties, and provide contract support for the artists who are wanting to open a new store. For self-renovation of a store, we will also respond to consultation with experts in construction and refurbishment at low cost.

Business Matching

We do business matching between artists and business operators. In the future, we plan to offer services through the website and iOS application.


Arts and Culture Transmission

Web Magazine Planning and Operation

We plan and manage the web magazine called "Art Human" which mainly focuses on Kyushu · Kumamoto's art & culture information and artist activities.

Management of Group Exhibition Exchange Meeting

Based on the concept of "Look at me, Show me," we hold a group exhibition exchange meeting once a year, where audiences can interact with artists. 1,500 people have visited over the past three meetings.

Management of Video Channels

In addition to the planning and production of the artist's introduction movie "ART HUMAN MOVIES", we also produce the artist's PR movies, shoot PV etc.

Planning and Production of Free Magazines

Every six months, we carefully select web magazine articles that attracted most attention from people, and distribute them to various areas of Kumamoto as a booklet.

Online Shop Operation

We operate an online shop that sells artists' original items.